Aloe Vera Juice

Drinking aloe vera juice on a regular basis has become a popular way of maintaining good health for some, though there are countless others who are only just discovering its benefits.

aloe vera juice

The aloe vera plant is often referred to as the miracle plant or the medicine plant and has been known by many other names throughout the years as people became aware of its qualities and the power of using it.

It can be taken internally as juice or applied topically as creams or lotions to help improve the skin. In this article, we’ll look at drinking aloe vera juice, the effect it has on the body and the reasons why it makes sense to include it in your daily diet.

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Aloe vera juice benefits are many, simply because of the number of components found within the leaf.

There are at least 75 known ingredients in the aloe vera leaf although there are probably many more. It is a rich source of a variety of vitamins and minerals but also contains many other groups such as amino acids, sugars, enzymes and plant sterols among others and which we will look at again.

The most important thing is that while one of these groups will work wonders for your health, it is the combination of the ingredients that can have such a profound effect and why the aloe vera plant is held in such high regard.

An aloe vera juice drink taken every day, first and foremost is a fantastic way of giving your body many vital ingredients it would otherwise need to obtain from food. Today’s diet is often lacking in essential minerals and vitamins which is why many of us lack energy or perhaps don’t sleep so well.

It is only when you achieve better health, and your body is functioning better, that you will realise what you have been missing out on, since our health affects every aspect of our daily lives.

The different systems in the body each benefit from aloe juice, enabling them to work at their best. When each system functions at 100%, the overall effect on the body is remarkable and so the body is able to function at 100%.

The Effect Of Aloe Vera On The Systems In The Body

Digestive System – The food we eat must be broken down before it can be of any benefit to the body and it is the function of the digestive system to do this.

Without getting into too much detail about how this system works, suffice to say that it is the last part of the process, where the nutrients are absorbed from the bowel into the bloodstream, where drinking aloe juice helps the most. The process of absorbsion is helped enormously by the enzymes in aloe vera.

Immune System – A weak immune system can have disastrous results on our health and leave us open to disease and infection. Aloe vera contains a long chain sugar called polysaccharide which is known to have a balancing effect on the immune system and in the US, this particular sugar has been removed from the aloe vera and made into a drug, testiment to the power of this sugar.

Musculoskeletal System – Drinking the juice regularly aids the function of this system by keeping muscles and joints supple and flexible. It is the plant sterols found in aloe vera that help here as they are naturally anti-inflammatory.

Effect On The Skin – From the inside – Aloe Vera essentially has anti-aging properties as it increases the activity of fibroblasts – the cells that make collagen and elastin.

Our bodies produce less of these as we get older so drinking aloe juice can actually help to keep you looking younger.

The vitamins found in aloe vera also help to protect against damage such as premature aging caused by free radicals, something produced naturally by the body.

The basal cells of the skin are better nourished by aloe vera keeping skin healthy and looking its best. We’ll look in more detail at the effect aloe vera has when applied to the skin aswell when we look at aloe vera gelly.

Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Juice

I should point out that Forever Living’s aloe vera juice is actually called aloe vera gel as opposed to juice.

The reason for this is that the International Aloe Science Council allow the term “juice” when a liquid contains only 15% certified Aloe Vera.  A gel on the other hand means a higher content of aloe vera and to be endorsed as a gel, a product must contain 85% certified aloe vera.

This is an important fact to consider if you are thinking about buying juice. A higher concentration of aloe vera will be more expensive but will also have an affect on your body faster and be much more effective.

Another point to consider is the quality of the actual aloe vera gel. Many of the aloe juices on the market today are made using the whole leaf whereas Forever’s aloe vera gel drinks are made from the gel inside the inner leaf of the aloe plant.Because only the inner gel is used, it is not subjected to any of the filtration processes used in the whole leaf method and the end result would appear to be a superior quality gel which is as close to the inner leaf gel as possible and therefore superior aloe vera juice.

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